Lost Your Key? Just Use Key Replacement Protection!

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost the key to your Toyota, or it got damaged, and you wish you had coverage to fix it? Fortunately, Toyota has added Key Replacement Protection to the already helpful Tire and Wheel Protection program! Even if you happen to get your car’s key stolen, you can get assistance with that as well. Would you like some assistance if you get locked out of your vehicle? Or, what about if you need towing assistance? It isn’t a worry with Key Replacement Protection! These are services included in this part of the program; up to the specified amount per occurrence.

Can you get Key Replacement Protection on its own or is it included in the Tire and Wheel Protection program? Well, it is currently part of the program, but eventually, it will be a standalone product! Do you want to learn about other elements of the Tire and Wheel Protection program? Just take a trip down to Toyota of Vineland and one of our associates can help. Feel free to take a look around at our Toyota inventory while you are here in Vineland, NJ, as well!

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