How to Clean Dimmed Headlights

Cloudy headlights are the bane of many divers, especially when they have to travel on dark country roads. Over time, the beam from your headlights can diminish due to environmental factors that will make the exterior casings yellowed, scratched and cloudy. Thankfully, there are a number of easy remedies that can have your beams burning brightly once again.

Cleaning plastic headlights can be tricky, yet there are a number of substances that will work. One is scrubbing the exterior with toothpaste on a wet rag. The second involves using insect repellant, also this one can strip car paint if you are not careful. Abrasive and polishes are not recommended, as using these can make the situation worse.

If you have problems with the strength of your headlights, bring your vehicle into the service department at Toyota of Vineland in Vineland, NJ. We will examine the problem and find a remedy for it.

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