Tips on How to Avoid Having a Tire Blowout on Your Car

Don't make the mistake of wishing you had paid closer attention to your car tires after a blowout, take steps today to help minimize the chances of this happening to you on the roads.

  • If there is anything stuck in the tire, do not try to remove it or plug it yourself. If the object is stuck in the side wall, it could compromise the tire and lead to a blowout in short order.
  • If you see tire tread beginning to separate from the rest of the tire, it may be a defect and should be brought to the tire center as quickly and safely as possible.
  • If cracks or bulges appears anywhere on the tire, bring it to the service center for a closer inspection.

Be sure to make your tire rotation appointment with Toyota of Vineland so we can have our tire technicians getting eyes on the treads more often.

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