What is horsepower?

Ironically, during the 18th century, famous inventor James Watts decided he needed a slogan for his new steam engine. It wasn't long before his love for watching ponies gave him the idea of given his new steam engine powered engines the terminology horsepower. The slogan was successful and his steam engine cars were the highest selling vehicle of its time.

Learn how to get premium horsepower for your muscle cars, trucks, and sports vehicles by getting information from the experts here at Toyota of Vineland. The velocity of your engine will depend solely on your horsepower. Do you long for increased acceleration? An engine with good horsepower will help you gain traction on the road and is good for long distance trips. You have the choice of choosing between several engine types, but the most commonly known horsepower comes from a V-6 or high powered V-8 engine. We'd be happy to help you determine what amount of horsepower works for you and which models you might like best.

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