Safety Features Standard in the New Toyota Camry

The all-new Toyota Camry is once again being recognized as the midsize sedan that is exploding in popularity. Drivers are raving about the following safety features and more.

When the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature is set in the Toyota Camry, you are going to do nothing but steer from here out. The system scans the road to see if the buffer is clear, so if a slow-moving vehicle invades the space ahead of you, the brakes are slowly applied to increase stopping distance, then speed resumed when clear.

When the Automatic High Beams in the Toyota Camry turn on after dark, they stay on until another car is detected coming towards you. Once that happens, the lights toggle to low beams and then toggle back to high beams once the road is clear.

The all-new Toyota Camry is here on the lot at Toyota of Vineland for you to test drive.

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