Checking Your Tires to Avoid Hydroplaning

Even if you only have to drive a short distance, hydroplaning can cause you to have a serious accident. Although it is difficult to think clearly while hydroplaning, it is important to stay calm and not try to slam on your breaks. You want to guide your car in the center of the lane as much as possible.

To make sure that you do not get stuck hydroplaning, you should take good care of your tires. This means having them rotated by professionals so that you are not unknowingly driving around with one or more tires worn unevenly. This is also a good time to have your tire pressure levels verified and the tread checked. Do not delay in having your tires replaced when needed because this could make the difference in arriving home safely during heavy rain.

Let our service center at Toyota of Vineland in Vineland, NJ take care of keeping your tires safe on the road.

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