Extreme Temperatures and Your Car Battery

During the winter and summer months, your car battery has to deal with extreme temperatures that can affect lead acid components. For example, you may notice your car is slower to start up during particularly cold days. This is because your car may have a lower CCA and is unable to charge the alternator to turn the engine.

In other cases, the heat may warm up your battery, causing lead acid to boil and create leaks through your connectors. If you notice acid crusting up around the connectors to your battery, then you probably have a battery that is about to go bad.

Corrosion can damage your battery connectors and make it difficult to install a new battery without having your connectors replaced. You can always work with a professional mechanic to ensure that you get a high-quality battery that will protect against extreme temperatures. The service center at Toyota of Vineland located in Vineland, NJ has some of the best prices for new batteries.

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