Maintaining Belts and Hoses in Your Engine Is Important

Belts and hoses are small but can cause big problems when they fail, which they eventually will over time. Proper vehicle maintenance will help prevent these important items from causing issues with the engine and save you money over the long term.

The hoses serve the purpose of moving coolants, fuel and lubricants throughout the engine to keep everything moving smoothly and easily and prevent the components from overheating. The belts help to drive various engine parts like the alternator, fan, power steering pump, air injection pump and water pump. If the belts or pulleys break, then the resulting damage can be severe.

Keeping these belts and hoses in good working condition is part of regular vehicle maintenance and should be conducted on a schedule provided by the manufacturer. We can help you with this service if you bring your vehicle in to Toyota of Vineland in Vineland, NJ, and we can replace any parts that are worn.

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