The All-New Toyota Corolla iM Safety Features

Need a new vehicle? Look closely at the new Toyota Corolla iM hatchback and its abundant safety features.

Activated when the new Toyota Corolla iM has been shifted into reverse, the rear-view camera system makes driving safer. The camera screen on the center console gives the driver a clear view of everything, so if anything is in the path of the ride, the driver has the opportunity to make adjustments.

In an effort to protect a distracted or tired driver, your Toyota Corolla iM comes with the Lane-Keeping System for monitoring driver activity. If drifting from your lane is detected, the system begins vibrating the steering wheel, so the driver can take corrective action to control the vehicle.

If you are still in the hunt for a new vehicle. the all-new Toyota Corolla iM is on the lot at Toyota of Vineland waiting for you to come out and test drive.

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