At our convenient Vineland, NJ dealership, the Toyota 86 receives much attention. It easily catches the eye. In today's Toyota of Vineland blog, we focus on this popular sports car's interior.

The Toyota 86 provides a driver-focused cabin. In its driver's seat, you will easily see and reach its interactive Display Audio System. This touchscreen system provides turn-by-turn navigation, 100,000 radio stations, and other drive-supporting features. When you simply want to listen to your favorite playlist, a downloaded podcast or an audiobook, you can connect your iPod the Display Audio System.

Within the sports car, you will sit upon silver-stitched seats. These gleaming threads fasten Toyota's Granlux material to the car. Though synthetic, Granlux looks and feels like suede. You will find it on your Toyota 86's doors, dashboard and seats. The front seats are sleek. In the rear, you will find split seats that fold down to increase your Toyota 86's trunk space.

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