"Drive carefully" remains good advice for anyone who ventures out on the road. Unfortunately, the human eye has its limitations. The orb can't see into a blind spot. People make the common false assumption that, if they can't see anything in the next lane, nothing is there. One serious collision later, the folly of this assumption reveals itself. Why not invest in a car with a blind-spot monitor to avoid such disasters?

A blind-spot monitor acts as a tracking device. Like a radar, the monitor notes whether another vehicle is in the lame. The device provides important alerts in clear audio to the driver when another car enters a blind spot. The alerts allow the driver to make more informed lane changing decisions.

Fatalities do occur when drivers change lanes at the wrong time. Government studies show the inclusion of a blind-spot monitor in a vehicle can potentially curtail both serious and minor crashes. That alone represents an endorsement for one.

At Toyota of Vineland, we endorse taking a car out on a road test. Our showroom is one of the top ones in Vineland, NJ to choose a car.

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