Our associates at Toyota of Vineland are always ready to help our Vineland, NJ customers understand how their vehicles function. In your vehicle, there are hundreds of gaskets, and they work by binding surfaces to prevent gases and fluids from leaking. Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, but they are typically made of multi-level steel. They can also be made from rubber or copper. There are many types of gaskets, such as intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets, but the most common type of gaskets are head gaskets.

While gaskets are long-lasting, they will need to be replaced eventually. If you don't replace damaged or deteriorating gaskets, it can cause serious damage that is expensive to repair.

High compression levels can cause holes to form in the gaskets, so if you notice bubbling or gurgling coming from near the radiator, have your gaskets inspected. Another sign of a failing gasket is when a white substance appears near on in your oil. You may notice a substance that looks like mayonnaise on the dip stick when you check the oil level.

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